Why do people become actors in the first place, you know? Because we wanna be loved. We’re like a bottomless cup that just constantly needs to be filled with love and validation.

nayarivera Gnite! #likemotherlikedaughter ❤❤

He was like “You know, Cory, you work out an awful lot, too. If you’d just cut the bagels out of your diet you’d probably be where you wanna be!” And I was like, “Shut up, Dustin, I like the bagel sandwich!”

Anonymous whispered: can you, please? thank you.

of course 

Anonymous whispered: do you have any edits of naya at the sag awards 2012?

i don’t think so but i could make some later if you want to 

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leamichelesarfti whispered: haha ok so [insert crown image here]
  • My favorite thing about your blog : i love your reblogs about lea
  • What fandom I associate you with the most : lea michele duh also friends
  • What I think of your URL: love it :) 
  • If I follow you and why: i do follow you cause first you’re a sweetheart and second lea michele 

i don’t like this new ‘palette’ thing 

Anonymous whispered: do you have the picture with naya in this dress on the far left, second one down? post/49197637204

i couldn’t find the orinal but here 

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